Playing Songs in the Theatre of Heaven: An Interview with England in 1819

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[This interview was conducted by both Emily Vega and Monica Garza.]

Emily and I had first seen England in 1819 at a show at the Fitzgerald’s in Downtown Houston. We had heard of them from Featherface (whom we had gone to see that night) and I saw their music video for “Trophy Sixty-One” on YouTube a couple of days before. Their music is very hauntingly beautiful and definitely a successful experiment in destroying musical conventions and creating a sound that speaks to the creativity and innermost thought processes of the band as a whole. After hearing some of their songs online, I was convinced I definitely would stay to see them play. I did not regret this decision whatsoever. I already thought England in 1819 was pretty great, but England in 1819  live was an incredibly different story. They were amazing. Emily and I stared at each other in awe periodically throughout their performance. Zuly’s operatic vocals meshed with Andrew’s melancholy crooning was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard. Their wide array of instruments wasn’t to be overlooked either.

Imagine a Holy War about to happen. Angelic wings beating furiously, bows being drawn. England in 1819 is a theatre in Heaven. Their music is the battle song. England in 1819 is like nothing I’ve ever heard, and it’s incredible in this case. Immaculate, even. Sounds come from instruments I’ve only ever heard in the orchestra, and I hear it from the small Fitzgerald’s stage in Houston. I can only stare in awe and astonishment.

Since all of England in 1819 resides in Louisiana, we conducted an email interview. Don’t be fooled, however. Despite such a cold mode of communication, Andrew is able to convey his passion for what he does.


Featherface: Getting In Each Other’s Business

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This interview was conducted by Monica Garza.

I had seen Featherface for the first time at Mangos in Downtown Houston with my best friend and colleague, Emily Vega. Right away, I knew I really vibed with their music and the passion they put into their show. I wanted to interview them and find out who they were as a band and as musicians. As luck would have it, they agreed and I was well on my way to conducting my first interview. We decided to meet at a Starbucks halfway between where I lived and where they lived. I must say, I was so nervous and flustered after having all of my recording devices fail on me, I took two or three wrong turns before arriving six minutes late. I walked into the coffee shop and found Kenny Hopkins and Steve Wells chilling on a couch as they enjoyed their caffeinated beverages.

So I would like you guys to introduce yourselves and say what you play.

Kenny Hopkins: My name is Kenny Hopkins. I play guitar and sing and sometimes play keyboard.

Stephen Wells: I’m Stephen Wells and I do exactly the same thing [laughs].

I wanted to start off with who or what inspired you to create music and to create this band.

KH: I’m not really sure. We’ve kind of just been playing music together since we were like, twelve or something. I don’t know. We were all friends in junior high and we just did. I don’t know. We just, we just wanted to…I guess we just liked Led Zeppelin and stuff like that and we were like, “Yeah, wanna be in a rock band!” [laughs] And we just tried to be and I guess just kept trying to be. We weren’t really that consistent about it until like about a year-

Meet the Candidate: Michele Bachmann

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It’s not classified information that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota (R) is vying for the presidency. However, what she does seem to want to keep classified is the way in which she presents her views and beliefs. This morning on Meet the Candidate with David Gregory on MSNBC, Bachmann was obviously uncomfortable as Gregory grilled her on her political past. He mentioned quite a few instances in which she had denounced gays and lesbians, stated that a wife must be submissive to her husband, etc. Unsurprisingly, however, Bachmann dodged the many questions she was asked about these instances, and, instead, answered each question with a sharp, “I’m running for the president of the United States,” or “I don’t judge”.


Take a look for yourself: